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He takes with him the niece and nephew of his ship's first mate, recently killed in action. Sally and Thomas are homeless and destitute, and Sally chafes at, but must accept, her status an object of charity. The determined, open-hearted young woman helps Lynch realize how his grudge blights his own existence, and prompts him to view his past in a new light as he ponders his life going forward.

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The final story, "The Three Kings," takes an unflinching look at the privations of war and the ability of people to do good even in the bleakest of circumstances. After her brother is murdered by French troops advancing into Spain, Sarah Comstock must seek safety with the British Army in Portugal. She finds a camp of British stragglers and Army followers, but after a French attack, she falls under the protection of Colonel Luis Sotomayor, a battle-weary Spanish soldier. With very little to eat, in a countryside crawling with French enemies and suspicious Spanish villagers, the two make their way toward the border, forming an intense bond along the way.

Sarah not only finds the strength to face her own privations, she summons compassion for those even hungrier and weaker than she. I could say so much more about each of these stories, which all packed at least a novel's worth of passion, emotion and insight between their pages. But it's best to let new readers discover these gems for themselves.

Nov 29, Estara rated it really liked it Recommends it for: fans of the author and Christmas shorts. Shelves: read-in , ebook. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. If you like Carla Kelly's usual regencies, you'll like these fifty page novelettes taken from various Christmas anthologies and republished here as well. She always has the gift of interesting characters and situations and you can see this here as well. I also totally love the design for the cover - Kelly really got a gifted designer for her re-releases - vis Marian's Christmas Wish, a standalone novel re-release for Kindle.

The question is - will he be able to seriously please the girl and manage to overcome his own preconceptions? There's a marquis returned from war, always earnest he has been working side by side with his tenants, taking care of the crops and his two children. His mother would like this year's choir competition to be decided in favour of their parish, but there are no good singers in the local flock. When an urgent call to her daughter's family leaves the choir competition in the hands of her son, he uses his systematic approach to heavily salt the local parish with great singers, acquiring further helpers for his lands how fortunate the Welsh fusiliers are mostly unemployed now the war is over - and save a lovely and incredibly pregnant young widow from utter negligence by her dead husband's uppity family.

The hero is humble. It totally works. An Object of Charity is probably the darkest story in the anthology, both hero and heroine are at the emotional end of their ropes, and the way the hero got there makes him deeply suspicious of his family at Christmas time, too. There is a happy end for both, of course, but not an unqualified one. They - and the heroine's younger brother - will move to the USA, maybe taking one other of the family along A nice twist is that the Spanish are the heroes in this book, and with the trial by fire heroine and hero go through it is believable that the two find a deep understanding and respect and tenderness for one another, with the possibility to develop into more - the heroine certainly takes the gamble of returning to the hero in the midst of the war again after having reached safety herself.

View all 5 comments. Dec 14, willaful rated it liked it Shelves: story-novella-or-anthology , rated-g-or-pg , free-to-be-a-family. This is what I wrote about "The Christmas Ornament" when I originally read it in an anthology: "Kelly's stories are always the jewel in any collection. This was an unique tale about a shy intellectual who finds his perfect match but keeps cocking it up. Eventually he realizes that the way to his lady's heart is through appreciating and understanding her as a person.

The entire story is told from his point of view. The first three of these four stories are all about men falling in love and screwing it up at first, all told entirely from their points of view. The quirkiness of her style also starts to seem a little repetitive. There's still much to enjoy: likable characters, sweet romance, original plots, and a sense of the period.

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Nov 08, RaeAnne Thayne rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-christmas-romances. I love Carla's books. They're filled with emotion, tenderness and joy. I am a Carla Kelly fan. It's true.

Christmas Collection

In this book, you will find several short stories with a Regency setting. I loved them all. They were perfect little romantic stories that can be read straight through or one at a time if you are the kind of person that likes to draw things out to make them last. Kind of like sucking on a piece of candy verses chomping them right away. Guess what kind of candy eater I am?!

I'll admit, I didn't take time to savor these. I read one story after another, I am a Carla Kelly fan. I read one story after another, almost straight through. They were so sweet. I just couldn't help myself. The characters, the settings, and the Christmas feel all make these short stories feel so good.

I think what I love about collections of short romance stories is that I get multiple happily ever after endings. What's not to love about that?! This would be the perfect holiday gift idea for Regency romance lovers.

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Or clean romance lovers. Or it would be the perfect way to give yourself a little indulgence. You have the chance to win an ebook copy of this book on my blog, thanks to the awesomeness of Cedar Fort. Jul 27, Carolyn F. Very cute story about childhood friends who love each other as-is. Oct 14, Katie W rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance , holiday , romance-clean. I love Christmas stories, especially those that have a little romance thrown in. I really enjoyed these historical short stories. My favorite was The Christmas Ornament. I loved the way Lord Crandall would stick his foot in his mouth.

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He was so tongue-tied and the things he came up with to say to these pretty girl were hilarious. I could just picture him cringing and beating himself up over it, yet he'd do it again in the next moment. The second story was so sweet. It seemed that the Marquis was I love Christmas stories, especially those that have a little romance thrown in. It seemed that the Marquis was going to extraordinary lengths to keep the choir together, yet he had ulterior reasons--reasons that involved a certain woman. I loved the ending and the way he treated his children, Rosie, and her baby.

I enjoyed how different the stories were and the messages that were given. They were great little snippets and I didn't feel cheated that they weren't full-length. Content: Clean. Apr 05, Froggie rated it liked it Shelves: year The usual Cara Kelly's in petite bites.

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I had a soft spot for the hero of "Make a Joyful Noise" and wished the story were longer. Olivia is now about to come out in society, and her loving father is worried about her. James is actually quite taken by the idea, and determines to go back to the old home over Christmas and court Olivia. But his shyness, combined with his intellectual arrogance, makes it harder than expected.