A Soldiers Promise (Crystal Lake Series Book 2)

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But when single dad, Derek Ryerson and his young daughter need a place to stay to recuperate from a car accident, Julie can't ignore their plight. She knows she needs to protect her heart, but little Lexi needs love and support. But soon she realizes the former soldier has a secret that could tear them apart forever.

If you do accidentally purchase a Kindle book after the price has increased, you do have a short amount of time to request a refund from Amazon. Drifter Dalton O'Brien doesn't mind giving Jazz a hand, knowing once the job was complete he'd be on his way. But he enjoys spending time with her, more than he should. When vandalism escalates into danger, Dalton is determined to keep Jazz safe. Can he let go of the ghosts in his past long enough to embrace the promise of a future?

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Laura Scott September 15, Reeling from a broken engagement that resulted in a small town scandal, ER nurse Julie Crain just wants to be left alone over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend. But when single dad, Derek Ryerson and his young daughter need a place to stay to recuperate from a car accident, Julie can't ignore their plight. She knows she needs to protect her heart, but little Lexi needs love and support.

But soon she realizes the former soldier has a secret that could tear them apart forever. Welcome to Crystal Lake Wisconsin! I hope you enjoy my series of small town romances. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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Jason accepts when he hears that his old enemies—including Tommy—will be coming for them. Freddy appoints him the general of his Deadite army, repairs his decomposed body, and brings him back to life as before he was killed by Tommy. Meanwhile, the group minus Stephanie and Jacob, who remain at the motel also arrive at the Capitol and are locked up, with the exception of Maggie, Neil, and Rennie, who Russell takes to visit Freddy. Freddy transforms back into his burned, demonic form, and reveals that he has bonded with the Necronomicon and possesses all of its powers.

Russell attacks Freddy with his own glove, but Maggie turns the blades back on him and kills him.

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Tina feels the psychic impact of Rennie's death, and uses her telekinesis to break out of her cell. Ash, Tina, and Alice fight and destroy a Freddy-controlled robot to acquire the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, Tommy confronts Jason on the streets of Washington as he and the Deadites cut a swath of destruction across the city. While opening fire on his nemesis, Tommy is attacked by winged Deadites, who take him to Freddy. Back at the motel, Jacob and Stephanie fall asleep, and Freddy possesses the latter.

Alice hears her son's cries and uses her Dream Master powers to transport herself, Ash, and Tina into Jacob's nightmare. Immobilizing Ash during the fight, Freddy flays Stephanie alive and escapes with Jacob. Still in the dreamscape, Tina and Alice put Stephanie's skin back on and she wakes up physically unharmed.

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Disguised as the President , Freddy addresses the nation, describing his new policy "no kid left alive" and the carnage he plans to cause all over the globe. Having seen Freddy's broadcast, Ash and the girls break into a nearby pawn shop for weaponry and head to the White House. Upset by Ash and Alice's bickering, the traumatized Stephanie wanders off alone. The group are provided the distraction they need to get in when an army of soldiers arrive to rescue the President. Tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets battle the Deadites, but the soldiers suffer heavy losses and Freddy manifests in the clouds to blast the helicopters out of the sky.

Elsewhere, Stephanie passes out and finds herself back in the dream world. She arrives at a church and meets Freddy posing as a priest; he informs her that, as member of the Voorhees family, it is her destiny to become a murderer like Jason. Clad in a hockey mask , Stephanie leaves the church to fulfill her birthright and kill Jason. Back at the White House, Maggie and Jason break out in a fight, but are interrupted by Ash, who drives a tank in the middle of the room , killing Maggie, much to Freddy's anger. She reveals that she has a terminal illness and that her Dream Master abilities are weakened, so allows Freddy to kill her so she can pass her power over to Jacob.

As she dies, she releases the souls of the people Freddy has killed over the years. Furious at his mother's death, Jacob declares he is the Dream Master now, surrounded by the spirits of Amanda Krueger and the Dream Warriors.

A Soldier's Promise: Crystal Lake Series, #2

Amanda and the other souls successfully destroy the Deadite army, but Freddy quickly severs their connection to Earth by mortally wounding Jacob. In a closely matched fight, he taunts Jason for never being able to kill him. Stephanie appears and impales her uncle with a machete; this distraction provides Tommy the opportunity to cut Jason's head with a shard of glass. However, Freddy exploits this victory by absorbing Jason's soul to increase his own power. As Neil struggles to read the Necronomicon 's passages to banish Krueger, he is joined by the spirit of Nancy Thompson ; together Neil and Nancy recite the words to open the Deadite's dimension.

Freddy resists the vortex, until the Necronomicon itself declares him unworthy and strips him of his power. The human Freddy begs for forgiveness, but Ash mercilessly blasts him into the vortex with his shotgun, citing his own lack of a 'storybook ending'. At the same time, Nancy leaves Neil to rejoin the other spirits. Around the same time, we pan to Jason's mask which Tommy split in half with a rock and Mrs.

Voorhees' voice telling Jason that he can never die.

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Later is shown that in Springwood, a time-displaced and disoriented Agent Wesley Carter - who had been sucked into the Necronomicon's vortex - finds himself in the Springwood Police Department on the day of Fred Krueger's arrest, and impulsively signs Krueger's search warrant when he finds the file on a desk in front of him, altering history, but is left ambiguous as to whether or not it'll be in Krueger's favors.

Ash moved from film to the comic book medium. He says, "I basically knew most of the larger strokes of what I'd want to do to cap the Vs. In many ways, it's very simply been about - "What would I most want to see as a fan?

The writers' biggest concern was making sure the characters' voices felt accurate. James Kuhoric says, "A licensed comic book's first priority has to be that the actions and dialog are true to the series they comes from. As a fan, I can't stand picking up any book that reads like the writer didn't watch the show. It's sad to say, but I've read far more bad licensed stuff than good. Jeff Katz asserts that Freddy and Ash are "defined by their tones", so getting their voices right was crucial; he feels the success of the first Freddy vs.

Ash came from their accurate characterization. However, artist Jason Craig feels that "it's a tightrope to walk"; he enjoys Freddy's wisecracks but prefers the character to be darker, stating "People forget he was a child killer. He was a very sadistic man. Katz points out that, after two previous confrontations, "Freddy and Jason are extremely familiar with each other at this point. Maybe the only person they dislike more than each other is Ash.

Katz says, "[Freddy]'s looking to clear the board of any threat or nuisance before he launches his final gambit. I can promise relationships will evolve in some very interesting ways in this one.

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The trusty old chainsaw is mounted on the mantle over the fireplace at this point.