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In the example above, self is assigned to property mainViewController. It has a few major drawbacks:. You want to avoid directly referencing classes, instances and functions like this. Code like this simply becomes a nightmare to maintain. It often leads to spaghetti code, in which you change one piece of code that breaks another seemingly unrelated piece of codeā€¦.

Passing by value

With delegation , a base class can hand off functionality to a secondary class. A coder can then implement this secondary class and respond to events from the base class, by making use of a protocol.

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Before you and the pizza baker can understand each other, you need to define a protocol :. A protocol is an agreement about what functions a class should implement, if it wants to conform to the protocol. You can add it to a class like this:. If you say you want to conform to a protocol, you also have to implement it. You add this function to MainViewController :.

When you create the secondary view controller, you also create the delegate connection, much like the property in the previous example:. You now add a property and some code to the class that should delegate functionality, like the secondary view controller.

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It then calls onPizzaReady type: on delegate. The closure is optional, denoted by the? This means the closure has one parameter of type String and returns one value of type Int. This is the closure itself. In the closure the text parameter is printed out, and then the string length is returned as the result of the function.

This is where it gets interesting. The closure lets you pass data between view controllers bi-directionally! You may note here that a function call, with delegation or a direct property, also allows you to return a value to the caller of the function. One of the risks of using closures to pass data between view controllers is that your code can become very dense.

You can pass data between view controllers with Notification Center , via its NotificationCenter class. The Notification Center handles notifications, and forwards incoming notifications to components that are listening for them. Working with Notification Center has three key components:. Before you can respond to a notification, you need to tell the Notification Center that you want to observe it.

Below is a list of some scenarios where you may need to pass a special resolution and any documents you may need to lodge with us. The forms you need to lodge will depend on what the special resolution relates to.

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You may also need to include a copy of the special resolution that was passed and any supporting documentation e. You'll only need to pass a special resolution if the company doesn't have a constitution, or the constitution does not already outline the procedure. You don't need to pass a special resolution if the company's constitution already provides for this change. Information sheets provide concise guidance on a specific process or compliance issue or an overview of detailed guidance.

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Passing by value

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    Certain games only allow backward passing for example, rugby football , while others allow both. Of those that allow forward passing, some prohibit the receiver from being ahead of the pass at a certain point on the field e. Passing in basketball has been defined as "The deliberate attempt to move a live ball between two teammates", [1] a definition which might equally apply across other sports equally well, albeit with a change to the item being passed where appropriate. In certain sports, a pass to a teammate that leads to a successful scoring move is recorded, and tracked. In many sports, including basketball and ice hockey, this action is known as an assist.

    In basketball, only the last pass before a successful score is credited as an assist. Ice hockey attributes up to two assists on a goal scoring play. In that case, the last two teammates not including the goal scorer to touch the puck before the goal is scored would be credited with an assist. In baseball, the ball is only passed between teammates on defense.

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