Doing Justice in Our Cities: Lessons in Public Policy from Americas Heartland

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    Building Communities and Working for Change In America's Heartland · Giving Compass

    For example, rural and small-city America is only 14 percent less diverse than the country on average, and that gap is shrinking, the report points out. Much of the American progressive identity, the report reminds us, has roots in the farming and labor history in these areas. The report acknowledges some very real challenges: the importance of nurturing authentic relationships over time, needing to acknowledge and work through deeply felt cultural divides, right-wing media and communications dominance, and the impracticality of relying on the national or urban-focused organizing playbooks.

    Wallace Global is a progressive funder that backs a lot of movement-building efforts, and while based in D.

    America is an idea.

    Franciscan Sisters of Mary is a Missouri-based congregation that does philanthropy, impact investing and environmental advocacy. The fund backed nine groups in its first round, working across a mix of environmental justice, clean water, sustainable agriculture, climate and more. One grantee the fund highlighted , in particular, is the Missouri Rural Crisis Center.

    The cool thing about the Heartland Fund is that it confronts a truth that I think many on the left especially those working on climate change sometimes ignore. We hear a lot from city leaders about how so much of the population, wealth and power lives in urban centers. The Heartland Fund also acknowledges the complexity and diversity of beliefs in the United States, and challenges the firewall often depicted between blue and red America, and between the interests of people who come from different backgrounds.

    At the same time, our divides can be very real around the issues themselves, and sometimes as a matter of cultural identity, both of which can be very hard to overcome.

    Doing Justice in Our Cities: Lessons in Public Policy from America's Heartland

    Globalization, the digital divide, big box retail, predatory corporate agribusiness, and fossil fuels have taken a toll on life in rural areas and small cities. We have also seen the ways political actors have manipulated racial and social divides, too often preventing urban, suburban, and rural voters from aligning on policies with collective benefits for their communities. Meanwhile, philanthropy has largely forgotten about places like the ones where we grew up. For a growing number of donors, the election was a wake-up call, clearly indicating that we need to re-engage with these communities and their concerns to achieve philanthropic priorities related to health care, immigration, education, economic development, climate and environmental justice, civil and voting rights, and more.

    Even among these donors, however, discussions about how best to engage often fall prey to assumptions and narratives that pit rural communities against urban ones, communities of color against the white working class, and progressive organizing and movement building against efforts to bridge a broader portion of the political and ideological spectrum.

    The reality on the ground in rural and small-city America is far more complex—and in many ways more promising—than these stereotypes suggest.