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Information is transferred from Delphi and loaded into DTF as an automated electronic data feed.

No data is entered into the system by any user. Ultimately the users of financial systems interconnected with DTF perform analysis of budget, financial, and performance management functions using the information, DTF has no users other than the downstream financial systems. Authorized users, or systems, access the finalized DTF data via customized Oracle database views which are read-only and only present the necessary need-to-know data for that user type.

The DTF system is a copy of the Delphi accounting system data. No notice or consent is given by the Delphi accounting system in that a financial relationship exists with individuals whose information in contained within that system. DTF has the same limitation regarding notice and consent.

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As a part of the automated data feed, the data is checked to ensure it loaded properly from the source files. No verification is done regarding the accuracy of the data values in the source file other than what is provided by the Delphi accounting system. Under the provisions of the Privacy Act, individuals may request searches to determine if any records have been added that may pertain to them. Since the DTF system is merely a copy of the Delphi accounting system data, it is not the official system of record for the data.

Any requests under the Privacy Act should be directed to the official system of record, Delphi.

Under the provisions of the Privacy Act, individuals may request searches of the DTF files to determine if any records have been added that may pertain to them. Notification procedure: Individuals wishing to know if their records appear in this system may inquire in person or in writing to the appropriate system manager.

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Department of Treasury and Finance

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DTF (feat. YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih) [Official Audio]

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Where does DTF come from?

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