Effective Project Management: Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme

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Seller Inventory NEW Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Robert K. Wysocki ; Rudd McGary. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. John W Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. The Introduction xxxix flast. Faculty can add to, delete, or modify these files to suit their specific purpose and style for each lecture. I have also included a PowerPoint file of exercises.

These are designed as individual, team, or class exercises. In addition to the materials available to the faculty for their credit courses, I will make avail- able several venues for offering EPM7e. These range from 3-day programs to and session programs. Contact me at rkw eiicorp. I will be happy to offer my advice. Recently PDQ has lost 30 percent of sales revenue due mostly to a drop in its home delivery business. It attributes this solely to its major competitor who recently promoted a program that guarantees minute delivery service from order entry to home delivery.

PDQ advertises one-hour delivery. In commissioning this project, Dee Livery, the president, said to pull out all the stops.

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She further stated that the future of PDQ depends on this project. These pizza factories would not have any retail space. Their only function will be to receive orders, prepare, and deliver the pizzas. Pizza Factory Locator Subsystem The first is a software subsystem to find pizza factory locations. It is not known how many such factories will be needed nor where they should be located. The software subsystem will have to determine that.

Clearly this subsystem is a very complex application. The goal can be clearly defined, but even then the solution will not be at all obvious.

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This subsystem will have to use a very sophisticated modeling tool. The requirements, functionality, and features are not at all obvious. Some of the solution can probably be envisioned, but clearly the whole solution is elusive at this early stage. Exactly how to model it is not known at the outset. It will have to be discovered as the development project is underway. Order Entry Subsystem The second is an order entry subsystem to support store and factory operations. Telephone orders will come to a single location, be taken there, and then be routed to the appropriate store or factory electronically.

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This system focuses on routine business functions and should be easily defined. Off-the-shelf com- mercial software may be a big part of the final solution to support store and factory operations. This subsystem can utilize COTS commercial off the shelf order entry software. Order Submit Subsystem This subsystem will direct the order to a store, factory, or pizza van. The logis- tics for making this assignment are not at all clear, and subsystem design will be complex. Logistics Subsystem This subsystem is the most complex of the six subsystems.

It will require a holistic view of the entire PDQ system. Its complexity arises from the fact that the pizza vans are a mobile production and delivery facility. So the assignment of an order to a pizza van must take into account where the van is likely to be when it is time for order delivery. Introduction xli flast. This application is straightforward and will probably involve having GPS sys- tems installed in all the delivery trucks.

Inventory Management Subsystem The final application will be an inventory control system to manage inventories at all stores and factories and automatically reorder from the single vendor PDQ has been using since it first started in the business. PDQ has been informed by its vendor that it can earn discounts by using the automatic reordering feature. This application should also be a COTS application.

These applications are obviously very different software development proj- ects requiring very different approaches. The Pizza Factory Locator subsystem will be a very sophisticated modeling tool. Some of the solution can probably be envi- sioned, but clearly the whole solution is elusive at this early stage.

Exactly how it will do modeling is not known at the outset. The Order Entry subsystem can utilize COTS order entry software that will have to be enhanced at the front end to direct the order to the closest factory and provide driving directions for delivery and other fulfillment tasks on the back end.

The requirements, functionality, and features of this subsystem may be problematic. The six subsystems that make up the PDQ solution may each require a dif- ferent project management approach. There will be a number of case-related exercises incorporated in many chapters that require strategy formation and other decisions in order to find and maintain a best-fit project management approach.

I owe a great debt to those adopters who commented on the contents and offered improvement suggestions.

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Each file includes a complete set of slides for delivery of the content of the chapter. Instructors may add, delete, or modify to suit their interests and purposes. Individual, Team, and Class Exercises EPM7e also offers at the website another PowerPoint file containing several exer- cises that have been used successfully in both education and training offerings. In addition to these downloads, EPM6e included a question-and-answer file based on the discussion questions at the end of each chapter that could be obtained by certified faculty and instructors by writing me at rkw eiicorp.

EPM7e continues that offer.

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Putting It All Together EPM7e is a valuable addition to the library of every professional with an interest in being an effective project manager. It is my intention to help project manag- ers learn to think like effective project managers. To me an effective project manager is like a master chef. They know how to create recipes rather than just blindly follow existing recipes.

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As you will see, it is a challenging landscape that will capture your full and continual attention. If you expected to learn a magic recipe that works for all projects, nothing could be further from the truth. Being an effective project manager is a creative experience that challenges you in every way.

So you will proceed from basic and fundamental principles. Chapter 1 defines a project.

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  • On the one hand it is a very simple definition that tells you what a project contains and how to recognize that you have a project. But on the other hand it is complex as well, because there are many types of projects that popu- late the landscape. It is in that complexity of projects that the real challenges to effective management will arise.

    Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, 7th Edition

    Project management is not a cookie-cutter experience; rather, it is a challenging and creative experience. To be called a project, an undertaking must meet a specific set of conditions.

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    If an undertaking meets those conditions, then it must follow the prescribed project management methodology defined by the organization. A formal defi- nition is put forth and the characteristics of the project are explored. Project management methodologies are often defined for specific types of projects.

    Project classification rules are explored. With the definition of a project in hand, Chapter 2 introduces project man- agement. Projects are unique. They have never happened before under the same set of So why would you expect their management to be the same? If you think so, you would be right. In fact, the best-fit project management process will be a function of several variables that span the external business environment, the enterprise itself, and a host of variables defining people, processes, and technology. And even further, the best-fit process will not remain the same over the course of a project.