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Here are the results of that survey. This is how a diverse group of my Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections and newsletter subscribers I then asked people to explain their responses. Of the people who believe there is a difference, there was no agreement about what that difference might be. Ethics focuses on the decision-making process for determining right and wrong, which sometimes is a matter of weighing the pros and cons or the competing values and interest.

Morals come from within.

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One's own internal compass. Ethics are more extrinsic rule sets to guide us all. Ethics is what I believe and say I believe - morality is what I do. Integrity is what I will have if my ethics matches my morality. Ethics deals with codes of conduct set my policies in the workplace and morality is the standards that we individually set for ourselves in regards to right and wrong. Ethics is a set of principles developed purposefully over time.

Morality is something one feels intuitively. Ethics is a map of how one makes choices.

Morality is an established code that can be used to judge behavior. Morality is more of an inherent truth that doesn't change, or changes very little. He must be in trouble, or in some kind of emergency. His trainer is freaking out, and nervously picks up the phone.

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Kobe says that he's doing some conditioning work and could use his trainer's help. The trainer then proceeds to get ready and head over to the gym.

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He arrives around am. What did he see? He saw Kobe by himself practicing. Drenched in sweat, it looked like he just jumped in a pool.

It wasn't even 5am in the morning yet. When Wayne Gretzky was a kid, he watched hockey like most players his age. What separated him was the way he watched each game. Whenever we would tune in, we would bring pencil and paper. As the game went on, he would trace the movement of the puck on the paper. So obsessed with learning how the puck moved, he wouldn't even look down. For hours he studied every movement the puck would make.

Years later, sports commentators time and time again have said how no player has ever been able to have a feel for the puck like Gretzky. Jordan is one of the most competitive players we've ever seen in sports.

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There's literally no person who wants to win more than Michael Jordan. He loved to win so much that he would go to extreme lengths just to make sure he was never the loser. Jordan used to bet teammates that his bag would be the first to come out of baggage claim when they would travel.

Chances of that happening are slim, so his teammates always took the bet. To guarantee that he was right, Jordan would seek out the people loading the bags beforehand and tell them to make sure his bag came out first. While his teammates always looked dumbfounded, Jordan just smiled.

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He never wants to lose in anything, and he rarely did. Another example is when he lost in golf to Chuck Daly.