GET RID OF NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: 15 Proven Ways to Unleash The Power of Positive Thinking

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The more we train, the easier it becomes to think positively, shut out negativity, and, in turn, boost your productivity and creativity, which allows you to perform better at work and life. Yes, all of those benefits can come from a simple smile. The more you do it, the more signals your brain will have to mentally shift to positive thoughts even when you might be in a situation that would normally cause you alarm. Aside from your mental state, smiling can also end up saving your life, as Sondra Barrett claims in her book Secrets of Your Cells.

The biochemist says that when you let go of tension—an outcome that can be achieved through smiling—your cells let go of their rigidness. Scientifically speaking, smiling more is a great thing for your life. Your career might even take a turn for the better as productivity increases, your attention span and cognitive abilities are improved, and you exude competence everywhere you go. By Vivian Giang 3 minute Read. Your adoring fans could love you one day making you happy and excited and then, through no fault of your own, move on to some new flavour of the month leaving you desditude and alone.

Your life will be a constant emotional roller-coaster with soaring highs and deep lows that all stem from your happiness being reliant on something outside your control.

Famous examples of positive thinkers

This reliance on things outside your control is called Dependence and is foundation principle 2 of LifeOS. When you can feel happy and fulfilled regardless of what other people think of do or say, their thoughts and opinions become irrelevant. This is foundation principle 3: the solution is Independence. When you be happy and fulfilled and confident regardless of what other people think or say or do, the problems and issues associated with getting approval and validation from others simply disappears from your life. Your insecurities whilst they may or may not exist in your life, stop being barriers to living your life on your terms.

The question now is: how do you do that? How can you step outside this frustrating and limiting life pattern of Dependence and become strong and powerful and free? The simple secret to doing transforming your life lies in the core foundation of how your brain operates. Your brain needs to see real-world evidence that you can find your fulfilment and happiness regardless of what other people think and to solidify that evidence in your unconscious, it needs to give you a strong emotional reward.

This means that in order for you to stop being Dependent and start being more Independent, you need to get out and live your life. You need to get out of the house, into the real world, and find new and empowering pathways to feel fulfilled and happy. Find a piece of paper, grab a pen, and note them all down.

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The second step in the process is the scariest of the lot: post that Facebook post we just talked about. Unleash it on the world in all its glory. This headspace will make it impossible for you to find ways to feel happy and fulfilled regardless of what other people think because all of those pathways rely on you being deeply connected to your vision of your ideal life.

You need to be consciously aware of what you believe is right and wrong to give yourself validation.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

You need to be deeply connected to your goals and objectives to experience the power and strength that come from achieving them. You need to be intimately in touch with your deep drives and desires to form powerful connections with others. Hiding your insecurities is consuming your brain space with meaningless bits of unimportant information rather than being connected to who you are and what you want, and the easiest way to move past it is to admit your insecurities.

You can make jokes about your poor physique or lack of common sense or inadequate personal hygiene and once the joke is over, get back to focussing on the kind of life you want to live.

Rewire Your Brain: 7 Days to A New Positive You | Powered by Intuition

There are some real arseholes out there who will mock and ridicule you for your insecurities. It shows you that these people do not now, nor have they ever really cared about you. They were just keeping you around to make themselves feel good. As we discussed before, the reason that you were insecure about body shape or financial background or weight is because you thought it was necessary for you to be happy and fulfilled in life. You thought you needed to get the approval of others to be happy. Find the fulfillment and satisfaction that come from being the complete master of your reality, regardless of what other people think of you, and your insecurities will stop becoming an issue.

Have a read of mine and then share yours in the comments underneath. I had really bad acne when I was a kid and I still have the scars of it today.

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  8. Not always, just sometimes. I was one of the only kids I knew whose mother is a lesbian. I was always going to the principal with notes asking for financial assistance to go on excursions and always wearing hand-me-down clothes. Speaks for itself. I really agree with step 2. Great to hear mate. The kinds of connections that are possible when you open up is truly increible and I hope more guys are able to find it.

    And every relationship i have only seems to last a couple of weeks. Any advice? Im insecure about my small penis, my poor financial situation and poor living condition where I have no privacy.. Im insecure about my hairline getting smaller and smaller and sometimes im insecure about my head shape. Sometimes i feel like im just not good enough for women or the once i think is pretty even tough sometimes i dont actually wont them, because they dont seem like a good person.

    I still want the validation that they want me. And how some will say I have no makeup on to make you feel like your ugly with makeup on.

    I and a lot of black males I know are very insecure. Hey man, i know this was a while ago but i think i know exactly where your coming from.

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    Pm me as it would be cool to chat a little more someone who views things the same way i do. I need to share more.

    11 Compelling Reasons Meditation Can Relieve Anxiety Forever

    My insecurity is growing out of control. All of my life I have been dealing with my height. I told her to just come clean. My advice would be to confront her honestly and calmly about it and not let your emotions get the best of you. Ask her if she really is cheating on you and do what you know to be right. You could also try to get a counselor to discuss your relationship and try to work problems out.

    Just my two cents. Even I have the same problem,I always thought that I have a bad face colour and I always used to think that,due to my face colour no one will accept me but I never thought that inspite of my outer beauty,I am much more prettier from inside!! Insecurities: -feeling inadequate. Holy shit!! I feel like this post was written just for me because I can totally relate with the points of view about this topic!! Much better now anyways -dancing skills.

    I suck at the dance floor much better than years back. I feel like I should have a six-pack to go along with the rest of it hehe.