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Some parts have even been deleted. This degradation of the message is intended to simulate the interference that might be experienced during transmission to distant planets.

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Dutil says that the binary string is designed to provide clues that should make it decipherable even with such significant disruption. The sensitivity of interplanetary communications was demonstrated in when a previous message written by Dutil and Dumas was found to contain an error that could have seriously confused an alien recipient if it had not been corrected in the nick of time.

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The pair have an even grander plan for the future — to develop a software system that can automatically decode alien messages, regardless of excess noise. A number of telescopes around the world are used to search for patterns in the radio waves that reach Earth. Dutil says that if a message were identified, it might be possible to decode it using an automated system based on well-developed techniques used in cryptanalysis, as well as principles of linguistic and statistical analysis.

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The new message can be downloaded from the project homepage. Partial response maximum likelihood PRML is a method for converting the weak analog signal from the head of a magnetic disk or tape drive into a digital signal.

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A Viterbi decoder uses the Viterbi algorithm for decoding a bitstream that has been encoded using forward error correction based on a convolutional code. The Hamming distance is used as a metric for hard decision Viterbi decoders. The squared Euclidean distance is used as a metric for soft decision decoders.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Algorithms to decode messages. Please add a reason or a talk parameter to this template to explain the issue with the article. December Further information: Maximum likelihood. Main article: PRML. Main article: Viterbi decoder.


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March A team of 40 researchers from Cornell University and around the world have sequenced the full genome of a water fern called Azolla filiculoides 1,2. This fern is commonly seen to be growing in warmer temperatures and tropical regions of the world.

The project of unravelling genomic secrets of the fern has been in the pipeline for a while and was backed by funds of USD 22, from backers through a crowdfunding site called Experiment. Researchers eventually received funding to carry out the sequencing from Beijing Genomics Institute in collaboration with Utrecht University. This tiny floating fern species which fits over a finger nail has a genome size of.

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Ferns are known to have large genomes, average of 12 gigabases in size, however none of the larger fern genomes have been decoded so far. Such an elaborate project was aimed at providing clues on what could be the potential of this fern. Many interesting aspects of fern Azolla have been uncovered upon this genome sequencing study published in Nature Plants and have provided direction for future research on potential areas in which this fern can be beneficial.

The fern Azolla was widespread and growing almost 50 million years ago on this planet around the Arctic Ocean. During that time Earth was also warmer compared to current conditions and this fern was thought to play a significant role in keeping the planet cooler by capturing around 10 trillion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the course of 1 million years. Here we see a potential role for this fern in combating and protecting our planet from global warming resulted by climate change. The fern is also thought to play an important role in nitrogen fixation, a process which combines free nitrogen N2 in the atmosphere — an inert gas available abundantly in air - with other chemical elements to create more reactive nitrogen-based compounds e.