How (Not) to Kiss a Ghost (Cindy Eller #4)

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She develiers a wonderful and beautiful performance as Carole and also has great vocals! The whole cast is spectacular and the show is still running strong for being on broadway for five years! Nice capture with filmed with a mix of wides, mediums and close-ups! Includes curtain call and encore.

Julia continues to give a beautiful and shocking realistic performance as Carole King. A great capture with no blackouts, no washout, and minimal head obstruction. It is filmed in , with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent, includes curtain call and encore. CAST: P. Sound and picture synch up and Gary Beach kills it as Lumiere. Susan Egan is wonderful.

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Filmed using one camera on a tripod with excellent clear picture and sound. Just after the overture, the usher came because some people tried moving down the aisle but that all happens before the first line so it doesn't interfere with the show at all. I was sitting in the far right of the mezzanine for the first act, and then moved to centre-ish left for the second act. NOTES: Recorded by a non-trader in m4a and tracked in the same , with fairly good quality and released by bestworstcase with permission.

This is probably my most obstructed bootleg ever. Full HD stageshot of this incredible show! Filmed from the orchestra without zooms, with head obstructions. Shot from very close to the stage with a high angle. Sound is excellent.

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This is from a dress rehearsal, so there are pauses, comments from the director, etc. This was done the final week of shows and has many changes to earlier versions, stunning capture! Braithwaite , Francesca Mango Debbie. There is a slight camera problem, as the first 8 minutes go from color to black and white and back again, but it gets fixed and it ends up being a great quality video.

Includes scanned Playbill information. Filmed at the closing night of the show at the Manhattan Theatre Club. Carmen is greeted with much applause and love.

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Her final song, At Long Last is breathtaking. Beautiful performances from the entire cast! Carmen gives a stellar farewell performance, as does the entire cast. Steve Martin plays in the band after intermission and comes out at curtain call along with Edie Brickell. An electric performance right from the start. The enthusiastic audience is extremely supportive, and the cast gives emotional performances. There were no speeches given, but the curtain call was much longer than usual with Steve, Edie, and Walter all taking bows, and Steve doing a short impromptu tap number.

This is beautifully captured with no obstruction. There is some slight washout in a few of the wider shots. Includes the entire extended curtain call and playbill scans.

Act one is at an angle with no zooms. NOTES: Heads at the bottom of the screen during a good part of the show when action takes place at the foot of the stage but it's shot around well.

An excellent capture of this new musical that was surprisingly a great time. NOTES: with english subtitles.

LET'S PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE: WISH OR KISS! Ghost in the Bottle! Dipper and Wendy Kissing!?

Audio has irreparable levels of static. Some washout and autofocus adjustments. Very steady, focused, and mostly unobstructed. NOTES: There's a little obstruction and generation loss, no close ups, but overall, a good capture of this beloved revival. Lots of zooms.

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It is perfectly cast and performed. A huge production wonderful to take in! Includes intermission chats. Aired on April 26, Doug and Amanda both have incredible voices and carry the show well. This is perfectly captured with no blackouts, no obstruction, and no washout.

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Includes curtain call and playbill scans. Sarah Uriarte Berry and Jennifer Laura Thompson both play the role of Julie Jordan, as the file contains multiple videos with different points throughout the tour's run. Unfortunately suffers from some generational loss but a great DVD of a beautiful production. Great performances.

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Filmed using one camera on a tripod. Based on the revised Off-Broadway version, and presented at the Balagan Theatre. Shot from first row mezzanine center with no obstructions with audio taken directly from the soundboard. Mostly a full stage shots without zooms. This is usually incorrectly labelled as "Opening Night February 13, ", which is incorrect, as on opening night, Barbara Cook was almost decapitated right after the set changes from "Don't Waste The Moon", which not seen in this video also verified by the person who copied this from the archives.

The show is filled with wonderful talent. Aaron and Norbert have a great chemistry together and Aaron has a huge voice. Kerry and Felicia both have great songs and great vocals. The show itself is very sleek and mod. Everything is nicely captured with dance numbers full stage shot. High energy performances with some choreography and song tweaks from the original! Good clear video with nice picture and sound, many changes done since previews.

A fresh dark take on the material, which was fun and very enjoyable! A great comedic cast and innovative production. Starts in the middle of "The Candy Man". Some camera ducks here and there but nothing too bad. Follows the action and the colours are good. Dialogue in German, songs in English. Opening Night. NOTES: eurydicie's master. A lot of obstruction, not much washout. Some clips are vertical, while others are horizontal.

NOTES: Well shot but showing its age: the image has uncorrectable colour issues and the sound has some nasty bits of static and noise. Includes an episode of Entertainment Tonight including a segment about the show at the end.