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The names on the list has to say something. And based solely on those names, one would have too include measurements of competence and performance, in a list that would also include longevity, attitude, and consistency there are more. All attributes of a HOF character.

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Give me the guy that doesn't throw a couple of bone-headed picks to dig a hole that he has to pull them out of later. It might not be as heart-stopping but a win is a win.

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I'm guessing that Brett will not be asking you over for a snack anytime soon, not that you'd accept. In fact, I can think of few pro athletes I'd want to shoot the breeze more than Favre. He's entertaining, for sure. I'd just make sure to steer clear of his late-career diva years in GB. I can imagine he's got some great entertaining stories from the 90s, tho. As for Rodgers, the record is self-explanatory and you know it as well as I do. One losing season when he was the primary starter. One non-playoff season. As you mention, not a whole of those wins were comeback wins. He's famous for his poor ranking in that stat.

Yes, it is clear, Rodgers is the better QB and I've never said any different. But the math…is not so clear. Rodgers with a couple of Sherman years would close the gap quickly. Rodgers 9. Favre Again, we are here because: "the author's still working through some unresolved Favre issues. Edit: and its also obvious, that there's good size number on this site with the same unresolved Favre issues. Unresolved issues are in the eye of the beholder, I guess. I thought the article did a fine job of dealing with the baggage that came along with Favre's greatness.

And it didn't touch the details of Favre's addictive personality that left him in multiple rehab stints and popping Vicodin like they were PEZ, which is in the news now. Personally, I don't think you can separate those kinds of details out from the great things Favre did on the field. They are linked.

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The same personality trait that led to all those GW drives you love to cite took him to those rehab clinics. Like any other human including Rodgers , you take the good with the bad. I wonder about how those Vicodin's impacted his play on the field and it starts to make more sense why he threw so many ridiculously pathetic interceptions. He was high, half the time. That says it all. Better Teams? It's not just about the QB.

Arron Rodgers has not retired yet. He's a PR guy who wants money. And yet I think this article is more about who threw the better spiral. Yes A-Rod is text-book. Brett Emotional. Please look at how many qbs were drafted under these two. There were doubts.

Lets be fair to both. They both played very well for the packers! Yes they did both play well for the Packers!! It's not all about the QB. Team play wins games, championships, and Super Bowls. And a team with good defense wins championships.


A QB can throw 5 touchdowns in a game but if the defense allows the other team to score 6 then it doesn't matter how good the QB is or was. Good QB play is crucial to a winning season and so is good defense!! It has to be a team effort from both sides of the ball to form a championship caliber team. Go Pack Go!! Lynn Dicky is a perfect fit for you comments. He was truly one of the great passers in the NFL and the connection between Dicky and Lofton was one of the best the league and fans have ever seen.

Take a look back at two games, one against Washington in with the Packers pulling that one out 49 to 48 and the other against Denver in the snowstorm and while Dicky and the Packers offense were terrific, the defense was a sieve. If the team defense is good enough, the opportunities to perform a come from behind victory by the quarterback may be far and few between. I think a lot more needs to be said.

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John Galt. Sorry, but who is comparing Favre and Rodgers? Straw man article. My first thought when I saw we needed to stop comparing these guys Was that I didn't know we had started.

I'm not going to blow up people's spots by putting their bad takes in an article. The idea that I would just write this to write it is hilarious, though. Thanks for the laugh. The title starts by saying we should not compare these two players and then the author goes on to compare them anyway after a brief introduction. I stopped right there and didn't read the rest as I knew all I needed to know about the author after idiocy like that. A nice article could be made on this topic. This wasn't it.

Since ' First off, Rodgers is a better player than Favre. He plays much smarter than Favre. However, Favre made plenty of great plays. Yes, he had the most interceptions but he also had most passes attempted, most completed, most games played, most games won and most TDs. Compare him with Rodgers is fine but be fair about it and mention his positive accomplishments along with his negative accomplishments.

As for Rodgers he is a better player because he plays smarter than Favre, he is more accurate from the pocket and on the run and he rarely hurts the team. You might remember that Rodgers played that game on one leg and yet he had a lead at halftime and a 12 point lead with less than 4 minutes to play.

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There are at least a few other games that can be considered worst games for Rodgers, such as the loss in Buffalo in His mobility and his accuracy on the run separate him from everyone else. Favre and Rodgers have been two of the best ever and we've been fortunate to have them both in Green Bay for the past 26 seasons.

There is this new thing now called Google. Just enter Frank Ryan QB and you will find the information above plus more. Michael Vick a convicted criminal does not belong in the same sentence with Ryan or the other QBs you mentioned. This could have been a great article if written fairly about both Rodgers and Farve and if about 3 minutes of research was conducted. Too bad. Thanks, Since ' Jonathan - I agree about the Panther game. Again in Rodgers defense he was still injured but very courageous in making the attempt to play and trying to keep the Packers season alive.

Both Favre and Rodgers have given us everything they had whenever they have taken the field for the Packers. I was always a Brett Favre fan. That doesn't mean I think he was the better of the 2 QB's. Each had their own claim to fame. No sense in going through all of them here. I will say that AR Talent Wise is better. The one thing you can't take away from Brett, He got Better at the end of his career. AR isn't there yet.