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Haywards Heath Thursday 31st October Every month we select a different novel to discuss over cake and coffee. The narrative is fragmented — leaping back and forth in time and looking at the lives of his swans as well He has been one of the most fascinating writers of the last century, not only his works but also his private life offers much to talk about. Both are closely linked since he used the people around him as a source for Swan Song oozes style, glamour and wealth while also grappling with love, hatred and revenge.

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Swan Songs

Synopsis Events. Longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction Writers write. And one can't be surprised if they write what they know. Added to basket. Once Upon a River. Diane Setterfield. The Handmaid's Tale. Margaret Atwood. The Butterfly Room. Lucinda Riley. The Cockroach. Although the idea is much older, the term was first recorded in English only in Whether you learned your ABCs while hanging out with the gang from Sesame Street, from someone in your family, or you were schooled in everything from A to Z in kindergarten, you probably learned the alphabet with the help of the alphabet song Sometimes songs take on a life of their own.

Whether because of their timelessness, their lyrics, their hilarity, or their catchiness, they go viral. We've picked 10 of our favorite musical references from viral songs currently in the zeitgeist to take a look at the language and see if their popularity makes any sense Nearby words swan dive , swan lake , swan lake, the , swan maiden , swan neck , swan song , swan's neck , swan's neck pediment , swan's-down , swan-dive , swan-ganz catheter.

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Surprise is much of the fun in this story. Warnings Short this time. There is every kind of violence you can imagine in this book. There is gore in this book. However, like other reads, there is hope which, for me, overcame the horror and made it all worthwhile. I probably need to add a statement about some of the background characters.

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  8. I listened to an audio book. I thought the Narrator was very good. However, some of the ethnically black characters spoke in what, as a young man born and raised in the south in the s, remember to be ethnic accents that I heard every day as I'm sure Robert McCammon did, growing up in the Alabama. Now days, these are the voices and words that are used to ridicule those of African heritage.

    I found these characters to be courageous, dignified and more human than most others. In fact, the ethically black supporting cast, is where McCammon went to show that Humanity still lived, and there were people who cared about others left in the world.

    He does not belittle these people but, as I understood it, put them ahead of the Caucasian America on the road to regaining humanity. Don't let the dialect of our rich cultural south mislead you.

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    These are wonderful characters who are well cared for and respected. I would add, that where there is such obvious distinction as a dialect makes in a book, the enemy uses those phrases and words that are intended to incite hatred and anger in People of African decent.

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    Their bad guys, just let em be bad and the story will be wonderful. If you are sensitive to words, and some people have legitimate reasons for that, then, as this book gets towards the end, you will hear some of the uglier side of our cultural rich southern heritage. Do not be discouraged. If you see these racially charged words, don't let them blind you like the man with the red eye, follow them and you'll see more hope and strength in those voices than anywhere else in the book. I say this because, as I listened to the Narrator, who was wonderful with voices, my head almost snapped around when I heard these patches of ugly dialog.

    Either the Narrator, or McCammon or both dragged these out of memory with an authenticity that could only come from a person who had actually heard these words and phrases in person. For the record. I believe the Narrator is also black. Trust me Five stars.

    View all 21 comments. So in a month and a half, I finished Swan Song. This epic, apocalyptic story has been a part of my life, forever in the background of my mind for so many days, it will feel weird for awhile to not be continuing on in the journey-but I know that it doesn't really completely go away. Now it's a part of the framework.


    I've heard a lot of people compare this book to Stephen King's The Stand. I have no idea why, other than this is a story that is both apocalyptic and horrific. There is a prolific antago So in a month and a half, I finished Swan Song. There is a prolific antagonist that may or may not be the devil, but for me, that's where the similarities end.

    We follow a few groups of travelers who go through tremendous trials in order to meet their end goal. Both groups of travelers are protecting a very special gift. In particular, I found McCammon's "bad guys" immensely compelling.


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    Especially the character Roland, who we meet as a child a creepy child and get to watch him grow into a monster. I looked forward to the chapters with Roland's story. He's much warmer on the details than Stephen King, actually. His wheelhouse is drawing the reader into a strangely intimate headspace where the experiences the characters go through feel familiar; nostalgic and easy to relate to.

    Swan Song is an emotional read for me. I disappeared into its pages in an unexplainable, immersive way--it was almost unreadable at work because time would go by so quickly, it felt as though I didn't even have a lunch break-so I mainly read this one at home-at night in my bed. Readers who have a faith in something bigger than themselves, a spiritual background will enjoy the way Robert McCammon handles that with some of his believing characters.

    So I'll leave with my recommendation here: This book is amazing.