The Eighth Crusade

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Eighth Crusade Carthage Hommage du roi de Tunis fil III. Louis IX Tunis LouisIX Eighth Crusade.. Ludva9 Karel.

Victory in the Eighth Crusade?

Ludva9 lod. Ludvikovarakev Tunis.

Military and religious life in the Middle Ages and at the period of the Renaissance Octava cruzada. Philip III of France. Setting out of the eighth crusade by Louis IX of France.

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Views View Edit History. Sep 28, Oct 8, One of the reasons why the Eighth Crusade, whose goal was to take Tunis as a stopping point before the Levant and encouraged by false rumors that al-Mustansir, the Hafsid ruler of Tunisia, could be converted to Christianity failed was because of the timing. Bad weather and other factors as well as Louis' enthusiasm for the whole thing caused for the attack on Tunis to be done at the worst possible time; the middle of an excruciatingly hot summer.

Beginning of the End of the Holy Land Crusades - an 8th Crusade (27)

What if Louis had delayed his attack until he had met up with the English forces which had been pledged to join him but did not actually reach Tunis until the French King was dead and a truce had been signed with al-Mustansir? It was clear that the emir took the crusaders for a threat; otherwise he would not have signed a favorable trading agreement with them instead of just outright beating them back. Perhaps, if they had a better time, around November or December, they could have taken the city?

Eighth Crusade,

And once that was done, what would the consequences be of crusader control of Tunis for the rest of the Hafsids as well as for Jerusalem? The original plan was to go to Syria after finishing up in Tunis. With the French King still alive and the original plan still together instead of being ripped apart by the failure of the siege, how well would they perform against Baybars? I assume quite badly but it's always nice to get a second opinion.

Finally, with all that in mind, how long could the crusaders keep a decisive hold on Tunis?