The Magic of Teamwork

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I am able to tell hiring managers to put down a one dimensional resume and look instead at the person who wants to work at their company.

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A: Absolutely. Catching a candidate on the right day to talk about the right job that they never even considered could put their whole life on a different path. One conversation, at the right time with the right person is all it takes.

Create Your Teamwork Magic

So much of it comes down to timing and it comes down to putting yourself in the place to have those conversations. In my personal experience, one conversation is all it took to open up the door for me to have my job. So now I make it a point to hold the door open for others. A: Before staffing I worked in collections making difficult phone calls to people who wanted nothing to do with me.

I remember seeing Celebrity Staff advertisements in the newspaper. Self-doubt prevented me from pursuing any of the opportunities to work in an office.

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I thought the prerequisites were all that mattered, so I did not apply for data entry work or work as a secretary. A: The right conversation with a former Celebrity Staff Branch Manager in a social setting made me believe that I should try. I was interested in business development. I was interested in helping others.

I got the job. I was surprised by the demand for services. Companies needed help. Candidates needed help.

THE MAGIC OF TEAMWORK – Jaipur Toastmasters Club

I loved nurturing business relationships. I still am always happy to make the calls because I know they are coming from a positive place.

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Given that remote meetings must be exceptionally well-designed and well-run due to their required brevity, virtual teams are typically more productive with the fewest possible number of people, unless people have access to virtual technology tools that are thoughtfully applied. Here are my ideas for optimum participant numbers, based on meeting types and objectives.

While I focus here more on virtual teams, many of my responses would be similar for co-located teams.


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