The Secret in Bladham Wood

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Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Twelve-year old Sam often wishes she was an only child. However, when something happens to her kid sister Lilly, Sam is ready to take on whatever comes her way, despite her fear and uncertainty. With her new friend Marcus, Sam sets out to rescue Lilly. Their journey uncovers a family secret that changes Sam and the way she sees the world, forever. The usual summer visit becomes extremely unusual on this unexpected adventure. Create Widget. About Sheila Lee Brown.

When Nesrin disappears, Ben follows her into a morass of medical experiments by an unscrupulous pharmaceutical giant. Can Nesrin be saved? A huge argument has broken out between Grandma Elfe and Grandpa Isi.

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Can the protagonists Mayo and Super restore peace? Lilo and her friend Louisa need to resolve the magical mess!

Vico Dragonbrother is the only human in a dragon family. After his sister ended up in serious difficulties, Vico bravely follows her into his first adventure. A story book full of quirky stories from the marvellous world of insects with Paulina, the little bumblebee, Marie, the ladybird, Rudi, the stag beetle and Whiskers, the weevil. One day it disappears. An adventurous search for the thief begins, with large mazes and search-and-count pictures. An insight into the wonderful harmony of the forest — with audio-CD.

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