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Specializing in French cooking was quite a challenge for Peter. Another event that proved painful was when the Bain Marie had a broken plug. A Bain Marie is a large container filled with water and suspended over a small flame. Pots of various sauces stand in the hot water until they are needed. This way the sauces stay warm, but do not curdle or burn. The boys stood looking blankly at me.

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Eventually, when my hand was three quarters burned, one of them found a small saucepan. We had to paddle out of the flooded kitchen. The Robertsons find many everyday situations in which to share the gospel.

The way they react and conduct themselves does not go unnoticed by workmates. And good example also leads to promotion. Peter has now taken a new position at Aston University with even better hours and pay. Opportunities often arise for religious discussions at work. Brother Robertson recently had occasion to interview a new employee.

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When I said I was coming here soon, they asked me to look out for a man named Bruce Robertson. I told them you were my new boss. Brother Robertson has had other chances to share the gospel on the job. One year he taught an aspiring chef named Mark Harrington.

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Not only did Mark learn to cook, but he also learnt of the restored Church. With the help of Chelmsley Wood ward members, this young man was soon ready for baptism. He then went on to serve a mission. As a working chef, Brother Robertson has cooked for some prestigious people.

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He was asked to cook for a private dinner party that included two former Prime Ministers of Great Britain and the Duke of Edinburgh. He has also prepared meals for the casts of several BBC Television productions, including the food they use on screen. Then you add more ingredients for flavour such as herbs, spices, cheese, and salt sacrament meeting, seminary, Sunday School, youth activities.

Finally mixing, fixing, accepting, and cooking learning, repenting, forgiving, and growing to bring about a smooth, refined culinary delight a resurrected, perfected, eternal being. The ingredients are of great value. The gospel of Jesus Christ blends very well with the life of a cook. Our Saviour recognized the importance of nourishing the physical as well as the spiritual side of man.

Too many cooks?

One of his acts of service after the Resurrection was to make a meal of fish for his friends see John — But even if they aren't, their titles more or less tell you what to expect for at least the first thirty seconds. Anything after that is open season. Take, for example Unedited Footage of a Bear.

This was the first Infomercial to air after Too Many Cooks, and because of its proximity to a viral phenomenon, some outlets wrote about it, thinking the interest level would be the same. It wasn't though, probably because Unedited Footage of a Bear is arguably the most fucked-up thing that aired on television in all of Check it out if you want, but be warned it will mess you up.

Most Infomercials are like this: Ostensibly boring, meant to be ignored, so they can sneak the bizarre, absurd, and disturbing past you almost completely unawares. It is arguably where television's most mischievous art-house raconteurs have free reign to do just about anything, and they pretty much do.

But for the three years it has been on the air from to the present, following an aborted pilot titled Paid Programming there hasn't been an Infomercial that went viral in nearly the same way. The particular genius of Too Many Cooks , though, was that it repurposed nostalgia into something that could and would kill you.


While it's impossible to definitively determine why something goes viral, "nostalgia" definitely accounts for a large percentage of the Internet's more popular hangouts. In that sense, Too Many Cooks was irresistible, a parody of the pop culture of the '80s and '90s that we love to obsessively recall, GIF, and bring back on Netflix. Then it devolves into a shocking murder-fest, with all of those cheesy tropes you love left bleeding and dismembered on a kitchen table.

Because of our rose-tinted Internet-era love of nostalgia, we were duped into watching something disturbing and entirely different, and Too Many Cooks ' funniest joke ends up being everyone who watched it. If viral videos could talk, this one would probably say something like Don't be so quick to embrace nostalgia. That shit's bad for you, son. Of course, this very story you've just read is guilty of doing the very thing for which Too Many Cooks punished us.